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Tongue and Groove Paneling

Eastern White Pine

Our most popular T&G is our Eastern White Pine. White Pine is widely used because of its stability and tendancy to stay straight and true, unlike some other species offered on the market. This paneling is shipped in from our mill supplier out of the New England area. We offer White Pine in 1"x6" and 1"x8" widths, end matched or square cut ends. Depending on your application we offer random length units or pulled to length units. Several patterns are available but the standard is the WP4/116.

In addition to our premier White Pine paneling, we offer a shorter length version (8' or less), that is only available end matched. This material is great for a more rustic room at a slightly reduced price.

For those readers that are not familar with the term "end matched", this is a process in which one end of a board has a tongue machined in it and the other end has a groove machined in it. When butted together it makes a very tight joint and eliminates the need to end on a stud or rafter. This process will save time for the installer and is less wasteful, thus saving about 5-10% on the installation budget.

  • White Pine #118 Pattern

    White Pine #118 Pattern

  • White Pine #WP4 Pattern

    White Pine #WP4 Pattern

  • End matched White Pine T&G

    End matched White Pine T&G

  • Pre-Finished Northern White Cedar

    Pre-Finished Northern White Cedar

Northern White Cedar

Our White Cedar is harvested from deep within the woods of Northern Michigan. It is selected, cut, dried and machined to exacting standards to yield the finest tongue and groove paneling available anywhere.

Our boards are available in 4",5",6" and 8" widths. Due to the short height characteristics of the White Cedar tree, the typical length offered if 8' however special requests for 10' are possible. Again the standard profile is a WP4 edge bevel.

Ponderosa Pine

Our Ponderosa Pine is slightly more redish in color than the Eastern White Pine, with smaller knot structure. Its surface is slightly harder than White Pine , thus taking a clear coat much better.

Size availability:
  • 1x4 Beaded Ceiling
  • 1x6 WP4 End Matched
  • 1x8 118/WP4 End Matched
  • 8' thru 16' Lengths


If you are looking for a brighter/whiter wood to lighten up a kitchen or bathroom you may want to take a look at our Aspen paneling. The wood lends more to the white color with very nice knot structure. The knots are reddish brown and sometimes look as though they have been airbrushed unlike a Pine knot which is much more defined. We offer the Aspen in 6" widths up to 8' in length plus shorter end-matched paneling. We also carry 4" Aspen trim.

Western Red Cedar

Our "Select Knotty" grade Western Red Cedar tongue and groove is a premium, solid-sawn product which can be used as either a siding or a paneling. Each board has been re-sawn with a rough face on one side and planed smooth on the opposite side. You have a choice as to which surface best fits your project.

The deep beveled edge of the WP4 pattern enhances the beauty of the Western Red Cedar. It is available in a tight knot or clear grade and is available in 6" or 8" T&G. Available lengths are 8' thru 16'.

All of our T&G paneling is available either unfinished or Pre-Finished. Please visit our services page for information on Pre-Finishing.