GV Wood Products
Supplier to the Log Home, Rustic, and Timber Frame Industry.

  • log railing

    Log Railing

    Grand Valley Wood Products offers the highest quality White Cedar log railing available in the market place today. Our commitment to high quality and fair pricing has given Grand Valley Wood Products the edge in the marketplace.

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  • tongue and groove paneling

    Tongue and Groove Paneling

    Our most popular T&G is our Eastern White Pine. White Pine is widely used because of its stability and tendancy to stay straight and true.

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  • log siding

    Log Siding

    If log siding is what you are looking for, Grand Valley Wood Products has many styles to choose from. We offer White Pine, Glacier Lodge and Northern White Cedar.

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  • full log

    Full Log

    Grand Valley Wood Products offers full logs, sold by the lineal foot. Full Logs may be purchased in Eastern White Pine, Northern White Cedar or Red Pine.

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  • log stairs

    Log Stair Systems

    Our half log stair system is available in either the standard Red Pine Species or our special Northern White Cedar.

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  • posts


    Grand Valley Wood Products offers White Cedar, White Cedar Flare Bottom, Square Red Cedar, White Pine, and Red Pine posts.

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  • log trim

    Log Trim and Corners

    Grand Valley Wood Products can offer you several log trim options to finish off your project.

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  • wood decking


    Grand Valley Wood Products has a wide variety of decking options to fit your needs.

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  • wood flooring


    If you are looking for a true rustic flooring for your home or cabin look no further.

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  • S4S


    Grand Valley Wood Products is pleased to be able to offer several options for a standard S4S type board.

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  • wood shingles

    Shingle Panels

    Red Cedar is one of natures best protective materials. That's why leading builders and architects choose Cedar Valley Siding systems time after time.

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  • bevel siding

    Bevel Siding

    Whether you are building a conventionally constructed stick built home or a log home the bevel siding looks great in either setting.

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  • fireplace mantels

    Fireplace Mantles

    If you are looking for that special fireplace mantel to finish off your fireplace, you just found the right web site.

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  • beams

    Beams and Hangers

    Grand Valley Wood Products is a great source for beams, purlins and rafters.

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  • log and rustic furniture

    Log and Rustic Furniture

    Our furniture line is hand crafted in the traditional Amish methods of construction. We are pleased to be able to offer these finely crafted pieces at a very affordable price.

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  • trim boards

    Trim Boards

    We offer an excellent quality trim board, in a variety of sizes.

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  • trusses

    Log Trusses

    Available pre-assembled or broken down for shipping.

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  • accessories


    If you need accessories for your log home project, we offer PVC foam tape, log screws, log nails, lag screws, and Log Builder caulk.

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