GV Wood Products
Supplier to the Log Home, Rustic, and Timber Frame Industry.

Log Trim and Corners

Grand Valley Wood Products can offer you several log trim options to finish off your project. In a basic log style the following sizes are available:


3"x4" Log Profile FaceWhite PineWhite Cedar
4"x4" Log Profile FaceWhite PineWhite Cedar
4"x6" Log ProfileWhite PineWhite Cedar
2"x5" Taperedn/aWhite Cedar
2 1/2" x5" Taperedn/aWhite Cedar
1 1/2" x 5" Profiled Log Trim SmoothWhite Pinen/a

All the log profile and tapered trim typically comes hewn for a more rustic look.

  • Tapered Window & Door Trim

  • Inside Corner

  • 2x5 Pine Log Trim

Corner Options

Butt & PassWhite PineWhite Cedar
Outside Vertical 8' & 10'White PineWhite Cedar
O.V.C available in 6" & 8" DiameterWhite PineWhite Cedar
  • Outside Vertical Corner

  • Butt & Pass Corner Assembly

  • Outside Vertical Corner Assembly

Grand Valley Wood Products has the corner on the market.