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White Cedar Posts

Our White Cedar posts are "Hewn" meaning they look as if the bark has been taken off with a draw knife. This is similar in appearance to our "hewn" log siding. We offer many post options as well.

Available diameters are: 6", 8" and 10". Typically 4' and 8' lengths are used for railing assemblies however other lengths may be ordered as well. Our standard posts for railing assemblies are either undrilled or drilled depending on the type of railing assembly you intend on using for your project. Drilled posts must be ordered either as a line, corner or end post.

  • White Cedar Hewn Posts

  • Pre-Drilled 4' Posts

  • Drilled Railing Post

White Cedar Flare Bottom Posts

Flare bottom posts is a very rustic post used in many log home installations. The logger has cut the tree very close to the ground allowing some of the ground to trunk flare to stay with the trunk. These unique flare bottom posts range in size of 6" to 10" in diameter and 8' to 9-1/2' in length. The bark has been hydro stripped leaving the cambium layer as the exposed surface.

  • Large Flare Bottom Posts

  • Flare Bottom Column Wraps (White Cedar)

Square Red Cedar Posts

Your application will determine which Western Red Cedar post you will want to choose. Our post are available from 8' to 20' lengths. All posts are surfaced on four sides and have a radiused edge. These posts are selected to eliminate most heart centers which help to reduce face checking.

We offer the following:

4"x4"Appearance Grade S4S
4"x4"D Clear S4S
4"x6"Appearance Grade S4S
6"x6"Appearance Grade S4S
  • Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar

  • Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar

White Cedar and Red Pine Posts

Our typical White Pine Posts are available round and are normally hewn. Our most popular sizes are 6",8"10"and 12" diameters with normal lengths of 8'-10'. That being said, we do offer larger posts or logs up to 40 feet in length.