GV Wood Products
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Log Stair Systems

Our half log stair system is available in either the standard Red Pine Species or our special Northern White Cedar.

When you place your order with Grand Valley Wood Products, all you need the know is the exact dimension from the floor to the 2nd story, finished floor, called the "RISE" and the horizontal distance along the floor in which you have to work called the "RUN". Once you have these two measurements, leave the rest to us. We will calculate what is needed based on the information you provided. The result will be a stair system that has all the angles pre-cut and the tread spacing pre-calculated. You need only to install the risers (horses) and treads and you're done. A typical installation takes less than two hours.

We also offer header boards for use at the top end of the horses. All stair systems come complete with lag screws, wood plugs and installation instructions to aid you in assembly. A "must" for your log home dream.

If a landing is part of your stair system design, you will be responsible for that part of the system. Grand Valley Wood Products will be responsible for the two sections of half log stairs. The first flight which goes from the first floor to the landing and from the landing to the second floor.

  • Installation with landing

  • Typical straight installation

  • Treads ready for shipment.

  • Installed half log stair system & railing.