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Log Siding

If log siding is what you are looking for, Grand Valley Wood Products has many styles to choose from. We offer White Pine, Glacier Lodge and Northern White Cedar.

White Pine and Northern White Cedar

The E-Log series is a slightly thinner log siding which is the most cost effective since the mill can start with a thinner "cant" which means they can get more pieces per log, thus reducing the cost to the end user.

Both the White Pine and White Cedar siding has a tongue and groove on the edges and can also be ordered with a tongue and groove on the ends of each board ,called "end matched". This process assures a tight butt joint and does not require the joint to fall on a stud. This also saves on the installation time and saves on money in less waste. The standard surface finish is smooth however it may be hewn as well, for a more rustic look.

Size availablity is as follows:

Nominal ThicknessActual Thickness
2x6 E-Log1-3/8" Thick
2x6 Std Log1-3/4" Thick
3x6 Std Log2-3/4" Thick
3x7 Std Log2-3/4" Thick
2x8 E-Log1-3/8" Thick
2x8 Std Log1-3/4" Thick
3x8 Std Log1-3/4" Thick
3x10 Std Log2-3/4" Thick
4x10 Std Log3-1/2" Thick
  • End Matched White Cedar

  • 4"x10" Pine Log Siding

  • 2x8 Pine E-Log

  • 2x8 White Cedar

  • 3x8 White Cedar

Glacier Lodge

Glacier Lodge Siding is available in the following sizes:

  • 2x8 Rustic Hewn only
  • 2x8 Smooth-Profiles Log to Log
  • 3x10 Rustic Hewn
  • 2"x8" Rustic Hewn (Clear Coated & Stained)

  • 2"x8" Rustic Hewn (Shiplap)

Skip Peeled

As with all of our product line, Grand Valley Wood Products can pre-finish or stain the log siding, so that all you need to do is put it up and its done. This saves time, saves labor and saves money, as compared to on the job site finishing!

In addition to saving money, pre-finishing allows the builder to put up siding year round. You don't have to wait for the temperature to be above 50ยบ F to stain your logs.

A truely worthwhile consideration!