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Shingle Panels

Hand Crafted Shingle Panels

Red Cedar is one of natures best protective materials. That's why leading builders and architects choose Cedar Valley Siding systems time after time. Cedar has historically proven to be a great roofing material as well as a siding material. Cedar Valley has taken this material to a new level by making a patented panel system that is easy to install, lowers the installation cost and at the same time is a versatile, integrated system.

  • Installs 4 times faster than individual shingles
  • No starter course is required
  • End joints don't require caulking
  • Panels provide a seamless appearance
  • Blind nailing...no nail heads showing
  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • Shingles are mounted over a fiberglass moisture barrier and secured to a plywood backing
  • Engineered to withstand 200 m.p.h. wind
  • ICC and TDI approved

What more could you ask from your siding?

Available options:

  • Keyway Panels
  • Even Buttline Panels
  • Staggered Buttline Panels
  • 16"x 8' panels
  • Matching Corners and column wraps

In addition to the shingle panels above, Grand Valley Wood Products is your source for Western Red Cedar "shakes" for roofing and individual shingles for side walls. We offer several options:

  • #1 24" Medium Handsplit Cedar Shakes
  • #1 24" Heavy Handsplit Cedar Shakes
  • #1 16" Cedar Shingles
  • #1 16" Cedar "Bow Tie" Sidewall Shingle
  • #2 16" Cedar "Bow Tie" Sidewall Shingle
  • #3 16" Cedar Shingle

Sidewall shingles are a very versatile wall covering that is only limited by your imagination. Whether you change your reveal size, or stagger your buttline, nothing compares to the warmth and rich look of a true Western Red Cedar sidewall. If you are matching a specific color theme, painting the shingle with a solid finish may be your ticket.

Cedar Sidewall Shingles - beauty and versatility.